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I started my career at Amazon as a UX Design Intern from Jun 01 2020 to Aug 21 2020, and returned as a full-time UX Designer on Mar 01 2021.

During my 12-week internship, I worked on the 'Your Recommendations' mobile & desktop experience and the 'Making Mobile Fun' project. The 'Your Recommendations' project aimed to create personalized, enjoyable, and intuitive experience of browsing discovery, and the 'Making Mobile Fun' project focused on adding fun micro-experiences into customers' shopping journeys on Amazon.

When I returned to Amazon as a full-time UX Designer, I started working on the Amazon Assistant (AA) customer experience within Shopping Design. As the only UX designer for AA, I'm responsible for all the design projects of both desktop extension and mobile app experience. 


In 2021, I engaged in the design for AA Three Year Plan as well as 11 medium-scope projects and 12 small-scope projects. I collaborated with a UX Researcher to conduct 2 studies on customers' shopping behavior. I initiated the design of AA iOS based on Apple's new policy of iOS extension, created the new AA Home desktop experience, and designed new features such as Visual Search, Shopping Collections, Inspirational Content, and Share with Amazon. I also worked on creating a new UI style, and collaborated with a Visual Experience Designer to create a new branding guide for AA.

A big Thank You to my manager Michelle, my mentors Emma and Corey, my onboarding buddy Haley, my PMs Albert, John, Megan, Grishma, Erika, Caroline, Ignacio, and all the great friends and teammates I've met here! Appreciate all your help and support!

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