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Movie Production

Written and Directed by Jiarui Hu


Zoey - Yingrong Zhu

Demi - Xinni Cheng

Sarah - Yangmengyuan Zhao

Production Process

In Fall 2021, I took the Film & Video Production course at Cornell University, and spent 4 months writing and shooting my short film Silhouette.

The film is about an insecure college woman who hears that all her friends are leaving due to the pandemic, and gradually goes extreme about keeping her one last friend to stay with her.

I came up with the idea for this movie from the reality that people were leaving the campus one by one since the Covid-19 pandemic started, and those who had to stay in campus got really isolated and lonely in quarantine. The pandemic changed everyone's life in a sudden, and affected people not only physically but also mentally. Through this film, I hoped to reflect the mental change in quarantine in a cinematic way and call for more attention to people's mental health.

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