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Graphic Design

Here are some examples of graphic design works I did when I was responsible for designing 200+ poster & other branding materials for 20+ campus events in University Students' Union.

​All the works below are done by Adobe Photoshop.

Jan - Mar. 2016

Event: 9th Girls' Day

Theme: Springtime, Inner Beauty, Love

Otc - Nov. 2016

Event: 7th & 8th Girls' Class

Theme: Fashion, Make-up, Outfits

Jun - July. 2015

Event: Carnival of Juvenile Makers of 2015 Science Camp

Theme: Creativity, Science, Cooperation, Exploration

Jan - Mar. 2017

Event: 10th Girls' Day

Theme: Inner Beauty, Chinese Culture, Memorable Love

Apr - May. 2016

Event: 18th Yuedong Cup Aerobics Competition

Theme: Youth, Energy