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This is a team project we did in Fall 2019.

For most Cornell students, the whole house searching process is stressful, and it’s not easy for students to find a house/apartment that satisfies all their requirements. Students find taking tours to the housing options really helpful, but they have a difficult time scheduling tours or they might not be available to take tours.

Our project team want to provide an efficient solution for students to find the right housing options and an easy way for Cornell students to have tours to the housing options. This project received the Best Visual Design award at the final poster presentation session.

We decided to interview several Cornell students ( sophomores and older) to do the research.

I designed a flyer for interview recruitment, and my teammates sent out the flyers in several halls in Cornell campus.

We successfully recruited 7 interviewees, and I was responsible for interviewing 4 of them.

I interviewed each of them 45 minutes. The interview consisted of 2 parts: the 1st part is questions; the 2nd part is letting the interviewee show us how he/she usually do when searching for housing.

Based on all the information we get from the interview, we made an Affinity Diagram. After analyzing the data, we found 3 key words:


  • Each student has various preferences for their housing

  • Lack of centralized information or information in general makes it difficult to search based on preferences


  • Most students find house tours really helpful and necessary

  • Current students find it hard to balance school work and taking house tours, since most offices close at 5pm (some have class at or near that time)

  • New graduate students find it almost impossible to tour before coming to Cornell


  • Lots of stress surrounding the uncertainty of the process and lack of guidance

Based on our findings, we created the persona.